There are weird things that women feed their vaginas. Either to make it tight or to get rid of the foul smell. But is your vagina hungry? Does it have cravings? With the risk of so many different kinds of cancers, we should stay clear of putting things in our private parts. I heard a lot of terrifying consequences of these actions. Women suffer a great deal of pressure from all walks of life and this one is mostly brought about the pressure of pleasing a man and keeping one. What about your health? There are better safer ways to go about this issue.

We should know by now that we generally have good & bad bacteria in there. I once spoke to my gynaecologist about the issue of bathing & sticking fingers in there in trying to make it cleaner. Guess what he said to me? Hell no, don’t even think about it because that is complete rubbish. You hear other women saying “you should do it” making others feel if they don’t then they are not clean enough.

This is how he explained it in simple terms: sticking your fingers in there is fiddling with the natural bacteria that is there. These causes that bacteria to change its form as it comes into contact with your fingers. Doing any sort of cleansing on your vagina can harm the good bacteria and disrupt the mucosal surface. The results of that will differ from foul smell to itching, infections & other unnecessary problems.

What I hear on the street is the popular yogurt is mostly used to essential oils, Vicks vapor rub, snuff (tobacco) and many others. While one can be used for sexual reasons & the other can be for cleaning purposes alone. Your doctor will even tell you that soap that you use daily can be dangerous for your vagina, bubble baths are also not highly recommended & a discharge is normal. Use mild soap for your baths & remember warm water alone is good enough to clean it up. Do not mess up the PH balance because the vagina is relatively good at cleaning itself.

I mean seriously, imagine vinegar down there, I’m no expert on telling you what to do but let us be realistic here. Anyway, its your vagina after all so do with it as you please. Next is cucumber, wait, and are you may be trying to make a salad in there? Or is your vagina hungry? Those are not penises & your vagina is not a vacuum to suck up all the rubbish. Do not be a victim of going to consult because of some weird thing you tried because of what you read on the internet or what you hear other women use. You might believe it works for you now but it may have dire consequences.

There are several exercises (e.g. well-known kegel exercise) that one can do to keep it tight and when it comes to foul smells there can be different reasons that cause that & there is a proper way to clean it up. Certain foods are good for the good health of your precious lady and yogurt is one of them for eating via the mouth and not the vagina itself. Your vagina is a very sensitive precious part of you that needs very little products to make it function properly so take care of it. If you hear something out there to be safe and ask your doctor first. Let your vagina do its thing but if you feel, see or smell something out of the ordinary then your doctor is best placed to advise on that.

Your next visit to the doctor should be about really educating yourself about your own special part, pause and ask more questions and allow yourself to have an understanding. Besides, I always say a good doctor should explain things to you and explain things in a less complicated medical language. It only takes a visit to the doctor or clinic to get a medical problem sorted, health practitioners know best.


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