I am girl, a sister, a best friend, a cousin, a shoulder to cry on, a mother, a wife and importantly I AM A WOMAN. Misunderstood, complicated & emotional is how the world defines me and more. What defines me? My strengths or weakness? Is it my skin tone? Is it my hair texture? Is it the clothes I wear or the make- up I put on? Does my love for certain lifestyle define me? Does beauty and curves define me? I am a woman not because of anyone’s opinion or because of my looks /physique or even because everyone believes that a woman should look a certain a way. I am a woman because I was simply born one.

We all choose how we want to look on the outside just as we choose how we react to things. Character is often build and more likely encouraged by certain life experiences. What screws us up is that little voice in our minds that tells us how it suppose to be. Woman be confident in what you are and forget the rest. Being dependable on someone doesn’t make you less of a woman but be independent and own up when it comes to your thoughts, principles, believes and speak your mind. We all know the saying which is proved to be true on a daily basis, “ do it you are wrong, you don’t do it you are still wrong”.

Take a moment, let go and be who you are, do it for yourself and not for your man, kids, friends, family and everyone around you. Start living and stop worrying about not being classified a woman by someone else’s opinion. “ Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you “ – unkwown. It is all up to you, nobody can do it for you. What kind of a woman will people say I am talk will get you nowhere.

Remember WHO YOU ARE can only be determined by you, not circumstances around you. Find yourself WOMAN and stay true. Say it as it is or how you see it unapologetically so. Stay opinionated. Have your say. WHO AM I? I AM PROUD AND I AM A WOMAN.

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