Stop Judging, Are you better than Her?

The world we live in is full of hypocrites and people who just like to utter some cheap talk without using their heads. What can be expected from a brainless head anyway? This proves people right when they say most woman are beauty with no brains because it is mostly women who are quick to judge. Look pretty when you are quiet but how about being more attractive when you open your mouth. There are so many different kinds of us out there. Which category do you fall into? We are so quick to judge forgetting to look no further while the idiot lives right here. I am not saying do not criticize all I’m saying is do it if you can handle it when it’s directed your way.

I am the kind of woman who say judge me all you can and see if I care. My definition of beauty differs from yours, so what? When I bleach myself, you think you have the right to call me names while you busy hiding yourself behind that heavy make-up that you never even leave the house without. So what’s the difference between me and you? I am a fan of no make-up and no fake hair and you call me boring and plain. What is your problem exactly? Maybe it is because I look far much better plain like that compared to you swimming in that fake stuff.

If I put on my fake lashes and you don’t dig them that’s just your problem and that doesn’t mean I don’t look good because you wouldn’t dare use them. I do my breast implants you got a lot of negative things to say; well maybe before you even utter anything just take that weave off your empty head already or just shut up. If you can’t handle it, sit back and let those who can go ahead and do it. Should someone do any kind of surgery for enhancement, will it have some impact on you? Hell no just as the fake things about you will have zero impact on them.

However way a person enhances their beauty it’s because they see it fit, extreme or not. When yours is less extreme doesn’t make you better. At the end is all fake so ever thought is different shit same goal? Do it your way and let me do it my way. Stop seeing my fake ass when you have your fake face on? The idea here is to look good and feel good for yourself. But the least one can do is please look good after doing it. Some women look like they used their heads to mop the floor or to scrub the pot that burned pap with those horrible weaves while they busy criticizing other women’s hair that looks exactly the same as theirs. So please shut up!!

Stop looking like you were dragged through that foundation and forced with a gun on your head to go out looking like that, because we are surely not going to shut up. Only you are lying to yourself because they say a mirror does’nt lie but it cannot laugh. The problem with some of us is when another woman corrects you, you start thinking jealousy hence we sometimes choose to keep our mouth shut and start criticizing and laughing. It’s better you shut up because you look like a piece of something yourself and you are as fake as I am.

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