Every woman’s best friend, at least it should be. The one we hold very close to our hearts. It should make us feel good as it gives support to our precious twins. It is imperative to make certain we put on the right size for the right support. Most women still wear one because they are simply women and they don’t have a choice but to do it, well don’t write it off as simply it being uncomfortable because it’s a bra. The reason it could be uncomfortable is that the bra actually doesn’t fit right. If your breasts aren’t quite what you’d like, might be because of the wrong size. Let’s give them as much attention as men do.



There are signs that show that you are wearing a wrong size and we choose to ignore or believe a bra is just a nuisance no matter what.

  1. Discomfort and or Pain
    A bra has to look good on the body and definitely has to feel comfortable as well. Comfort first so the least you can do is to feel comfortable since it’s going to be on you probably more than 8 hours a day. It is not all about support but as well as what they feel like in it is also important and there is a health issue to consider. You should not experience any back pain or shoulder pain if you do that’s a sign of a need for change.
  1. Bouncing Boobs
    Movement should not cause your breasts to bounce including a short run that you might need to do. Your cups will be wrinkling or baggy when the cup is too big. This is a sure cry for smaller one.
  1. Breasts spilling over the Cup
    When you buy a bra you should check all sides for any spillage. Stand in front of the mirror and check spillage from the front on the top edge, bottom of the bra, on the back side (armpit spillage) and front side. We need to get both sizes right, the band size (rib cage) and the bust (cup) size. If you see any spillage it simply means you need a larger cup size. Your chest should be in line with the sides of your body, those girls should only extend to the front. If they extend to the sides they will make you look like you have a bigger upper body making it seem like you are pear-shaped but standing the wrong way.
  1. Dents on your Shoulders
    Try a small band size because the straps will take all the band slack and start digging on the shoulders. It might seem the twins are too heavy but this is actually a big band’s problem so don’t assume your chest is too big. Dents mean your straps are working too hard and a smaller band size will give more support.
  1. Cup Gap
    The gap on the top side means your cup size is big, your boobs are not secure and you need a new bra with a smaller cup size. You might need that space to store something but your girls certainly don’t need it and besides gone are those days of our mothers who used to put everything in their bra’s. We have hand bags for all that.
  1. Slipping Straps
    The slipping straps are sometimes just caused by aging of the bra, if it’s old it stretches out and can be easily fixed by adjustment but if it’s too old adjustments will not work as it might have stretched too much already. If it is new and no amount of adjustment fixes the slipping then it is a wrong size or style. Not all styles will go with you no matter how much in love you are with it.
  1. Red marks on the Shoulders
    Some of the issues that you may recognize as they will bring a lot of discomfort or irritability. The red marks are one of the signs that tell you that you need to change your bra. After you remove your bra it is common to have certain indications that you were wearing a bra but they normally fade away quickly. However, if those red marks are painful and don’t fade, it means your bra is too small risking your health as well by cutting off your blood circulation.
  1. Bra riding up your back
    When you try on a bra, make sure you look at your back in the mirror, is your band even?  If it goes up, the answer is NO and you probably need a bigger size band. The band should lie straight in the middle of your back, parallel to the floor or horizontally across your back. It is also all about looking good and when a bra rides up your back, should you wear clothing that shows then it looks even more horrible and untidy.
  1. Center of the Bra lifted Off your Chest
    The middle piece between the cups known as the gore should sit totally flat on your rib cage. If there’s any space then your cup size is too small.
  1. Poking Underwire
    If the underwire pokes you then go up a cup size
  1. Wearing it on the Last Hook
    It is always best to feel most comfortable on the middle hook. That way, when your band feels small you can loosen it or if it stretches over time, you can tighten it on the last hook.

The importance of wearing the right bra is for looking good and for health issues of a backache in women with large breasts, shoulder pain, neck ache, aching bust and soreness under bust, skin damage and consequently lack of blood circulation. When you buy a bra that fits perfectly and maybe 6 months down the line you experience any of these signs, it simply means there was a change on your body and you definitely need to look for another size different to what you believe you know. We grow and we change by either losing or gaining weight and this affects the size or shape of our twins. One might get bigger body but the cup might stay the same or everything else can get bigger or smaller so due to that we regularly need to properly measure ourselves to get the correct size.

How Bra Sister Sizes Works

Bra sizes can be confusing and so if you try on a bra that fits your breasts very well but doesn’t fit in the band then remember to switch to “sister size”. Bra sister size is the other size bra that has the same volume of the breast as yours but different band size. EXAMPLE: If you are a 32C and you gained weight on the rib cage but the breast is still same then you will switch to the large band and small cup & that sister size is a 34B, you can’t go 34C. That simply means, if you need a larger band go down in the cup (e.g 34B will go for 36A), If you need a smaller band go up in the cup (e.g 34B will go for 32C). The table below is one example of few kinds of what we normally see on a bra tag when buying a bra and it explains how sister sizes work.


26A 28A 30A 32A 34A 36A 38A 40
26B 28B 30B 32B 34B 36B 38B 40B
26C 28C 30C 32C 34C 36C 38C 40C
26D 28D 30D 32D 34D 36D 38D 40D
26DD 28DD 30DD 32DD 34DD 36DD 38DD 40DD

*choose a size adjacent to your size

Cup size does not represent breast size but instead represents the difference between the rib cage and the bust. We cannot ignore the fact that we grow and nothing stays the same. Notice how all these issues are caused by either cup size or band size so you need to understand what to adjust or change for each problem. Our breasts need support and it has to be the right kind of support. Bra sizing isn’t standardized and each manufacturer determines their own fit.  Most lingerie stores offer professional sizing so if you do not know how to measure yourself they can be a great help. Having a bra that fits can help you to love your breasts even more.

*Unlike women who are meant to be loved & NOT understood, Bras are meant to be understood for perfect support*

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