Happy Mother’s Day

To all the women who gave life to sons & daughters, you are celebrated today. You deserve because every day you have to clothe with strength for them. You pause to understand their needs before you get to your own, you have to walk a little slower to guide their feet & to be a personal life coach constantly. As the world makes fun of the changes on your body remember your stretch marks are just part of the physical signs of your beautiful struggles on the journey to motherhood. Your sagging breasts are a sign of your giving a healthy wellbeing, the nourishment you provide and/or provided & they stay down so they can be uplifted. Do not be ashamed because you are beautiful, you put someone’s happiness before your own, your love is pure & your job as a mom is never done. A perfect mom is a myth, you are a remarkable Mother.


Embrace yourself, SHY WOMAN


Shyness is not a weakness
It is a hidden power within not for all at once to see
It is a power that deceives most
Us, shy women are the strongest most powerful, women
Shy in the eyes of many but very true to ourselves and to the ones very close
Powerful when exposed to the true nature of humankind
And is never in the majority of eyes but in the deepest darkest corner of an individual
We have no need to show off but we will strike at every opportunity given
True power is when you know and understand who you are without the pressures of people to notice what you are made of
A shy woman never seek attention but she commands respect
A true warrior of her true self
She comes across very timid but she is a fighter and her confidence doesn’t need people’s approval
We have the power to conquer all those who appear or act very strong
Because it is their defense for others not to see how weak they really are
And people will forever wonder how such soul hang around the so-called “strong characters”
We all have our defense mechanisms as we all understand our weak spots
Shy women appear to be timid but we are fearless
We understand fear is just weapon against ourselves and our own victory
Shy women appear to be intimidated but we are strong without a need to appear as fighters but we really do fight for what we believe is worth our precious time
Shy women are conquering and fighters who forever are the wonders of this world
The shy ones are the most confident while the so-called “out there” are the most intimidated.
Powerful is what we are
Strong is our middle name
Confidence is hidden in our character
Remember looks can be deceiving
and you can never judge a book by its cover …….and I say or maybe never by its title?
Dare to know the inner person than the one you see in the eyes of many…says the so-called “shy woman”


Negative Energy Breeds Jealousy

Some women always find faults in other women like there is a reward for it. They seem to never run out of reasons to bad mouth. How about minding your own business and stop being a looser. If you have nothing to offer is not the next woman’s fault but your empty skull’s fault or your inability to use your brain. Try channeling all that negative energy into a different direction then see yourself turning into a better, healthier and happier person. Smile then the world will smile back at you.