Our hair is our pride as women and we can never feel we look good with bad hair. For those who love their hair natural, we often prefer it softer and controllable in a pain-free way. There are many DIY ways to have a softer beautiful natural hair and for those who love it longer. As a big fan of home remedies I use a lot of them not only for my hair but for my face and health as well, they are harmless tried and tested methods. I see no point in buying all that we need in our homes and leave them behind to go get expensive products that either never work or take their time in doing what they suppose to. Home remedies are what we already have in homes and should one not work, it’s easy to try the next without crying over money spent on it.


For growth and softer shinier hair

Mayonnaise treatment
*Wash hair with shampoo of your choice *Apply mayo and put on the shower cap for at least 30min
*Wash hair thoroughly to rid of all traces of mayonnaise
*Apply olive oil to the hair and leave overnight for few inches in hair growth
For people with greasy hair caution must be taken not to apply too much oil but for those with dry hair and dry scalp mayo can be mixed with olive oil or coconut oil before applying it, this will provide even softer and shiny hair. Mayonnaise is also good to get rid of lice

The other method that provides hair growth faster is the use of castor oil at least once a week. Castor oil is best for hair growth but the biggest advantage is the foul smell especially on a hot summer day. Whenever the head is turned the castor oil will remind you of its presence on your head so do not overdo it. Liquid paraffin is the best replacement for castor oil but the two might work slightly different or give different results.

Chemicals for most are never the answer to permanently beautiful hair. They straighten our hair making it softer for a certain time until that painful growth is back again and never really grows because when the growth is there then the hair with chemical just falls off.

Say goodbye dry scalp and dull hair

Aloe Vera treatment
Usage of strong chemicals and too frequent washing of hair amongst many other things cause itchy scalp. Aloe Vera helps to protect and nourish hair getting rid of dry hair, dandruff that causes itchy scalp and most importantly infections. It is a natural antiseptic with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Be it taking in from your garden or buying from the store Aloe Vera has the soothing effect on the scalp but it does more than that, it is good for preventing hair loss, therefore, allowing hair re-growth, cleans hair pores and shines the locks.

*apply the Aloe Vera gel directly to the scalp by massaging it
*Leave for at least 10-20min
*Rinse it off then use shampoo of your choice that will not dry out your hair (preferably Aloe Vera shampoo or sulfate free shampoos)

It is that easy while the method also sets you free from dandruff.

Do you suffer from greasy hair?
While most suffer from dry dull hair there are those who have their own share of greasy hair. Greasy hair is as awful as dandruff flakes. It can look untidy even after all efforts of keeping it clean. For those who never cover their hair to bed, all the grease will cause more harm as it will be all over the pillows and ultimately ending up on the face. Here are simple ways to control that grease

*wash your hair more frequently with shampoos for dry hair. I mentioned sulfate free for dry scalp with aloe Vera treatment but here shampoo with sulfate will be one of the best options.
*Use a mixture of apple cider vinegar of about 3 tablespoons to a cup of water and spray to the roots for 3minutes then wash it off. Use it at least 3 times per week. Use cautiously as too much of it can cause more harm.
*use conditioner less often and apply it on the ends of the hair rather than to the roots
*avoid playing with your hands as you can easily transfer oils to it
* sprinkle a little baby powder to the roots
*make a paste of baking soda and apply to damp hair then rinse after a few minutes for 2 to 3 times a week. Baking soda will absorb the grease.

*Eat a healthy diet, practice healthy living because physically it does not only benefit our skin and weight problems but it does wonders to our hair as well.

Good luck to the journey of soft silky easy growing non-greasy hair in few simple ways!!!!!!!!

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