About Women Issues

Women issues blog is about everything that affects all women of all races across the continent. The intention is to get women to address issues that affect them in society, workplaces, culture versus modern lifestyle and family environments. The idea is to engage women in topics without fear of prejudice or judgment. Discussions are about raising issues not to discriminate but to honestly voice out how we see things, how we feel about them in a way of trying to assist other women to look at things in more ways than one. An opinionated mind is an open mind that is always willing to listen and understand how other people think about certain issues of life; this does not necessarily mean we have to agree. It’s all about tolerating, advising and understanding that we can never be the same, look the same or even think the same. Advice is always good and it takes a mature woman to listen and consider before kicking it under the carpet. Advice can only be given not forced on anyone. The blog will also have women looking at why most women are vulnerable to discrimination, abuse, influence from all around the globe, hatred brought about amongst each other and lack of women empowerment by other women. “Criticism is not always bad for as long it comes from a good place”


about-usFrom the humble beginning is where I come. I was born in Soweto grew up in Pretoria then came back to Soweto where I did most of the more matured growing. Tebogo Letsoalo is firstly and most importantly a mother who is blessed with great kids but she is also the second of two sisters, an aunt, and a friend. My humble poor background is and has always been my inspiration to do better and my life experiences along the way. Even after all bad life experiences, I still have peace, I’m happy and inspired and always telling myself “if not me then who” through it all.

I fly with the Eagles because I am not afraid to learn how they think and carry out things in life so that someday I may fly up with them in confidence. I’m also on the ground with the chickens and the serpents for the same reasons, to understand why they are not able to get up and do it. This makes me understand where everyone comes from and helps me fit in with whichever world I’m in. I’m inspired to start women issues blog because I am an opinionated woman who speaks her mind and can be brutally honest but very understanding not just judgmental. I aim to reach out to as many women as I can with the intention to build and to encourage. Great confidence can only come from knowing yourself especially understand your weaknesses and accepting them. As a mother, I am passionate about kids and as a woman who has had her fair share of victimization, I have passion in reaching out to the abused women and women who are easily influenced or intimidated and not able to be themselves.

I have a curious mind that loves to question why is the world making us believe in a certain way while I choose to believe in another way. That mind is what I would love to share with other women and together we can be a powerful blend of success and we can conquer our own world. I have great mentors and I dare to learn, I dare to be smart and I dare to take good advice. I firmly believe in asking rather than worrying about looking stupid for not knowing. Even the geniuses of this world do not know it all. No room for negativity and grumpy unhappy people in my life.