Sex with your partner can reach that long-term boring duty that you might not really look forward to. We most probably have that boring everyday routine that we can’t easily get out but your sex life shouldn’t have to be.


Can bedrooms be for sleeping mainly please, let the poor bed be. Who is restricting you? Make use of every room you have because sometimes the usual environment can make sex life seem like a routine or duty. If you have kids that restrict you it’s understandable, but try to send them away once a while or rearrange your bedroom or give it a make-over because that will make it look all new boosting the mood. Change of environment will pump up the adrenalin and we all know what great mood will do when you get it on. If you can, arrange a night or weekend away to unwind and forget about worries of kids walking in on you. NO DISTRACTIONS!

2*Give yourself a make-over

A pair of shoes, new clothes, lingerie or a day out to the spa, getting in shape and getting a complete make-over will amp up the mood and push you to be kinky. The better you feel, the more you will want some action.

3*Choose his wardrobe

Seeing your partner in certain clothes will get you attracted enough and drive you to do things to him. Be persuasive and encourage him to wear those that give you the edge.


Unleash the kinky side of you, acting out of the ordinary in the bedroom is a great thing. If you are one of those adrenalin junkies bring the adventure back in the bedroom. Start with small things every day even when you are not the junkie. Don’t go roughly all the time, slow-mo can be amazing.

5*Change positions

Routine is always such a bore, do not commit to one position now it may be time to spice things up with a few new positions. Try some of the Kama sutra or any other position you will feel comfortable with. As you go along with exploring different positions you will find the one that enhances multiple orgasms. I am certain that there are many positions that you have not tried in a long time or never tried at all.

6*Set the mood

Passionate sex is not just a physical act that has to start now and end now. Set the mood as you begin the day by practicing another way of foreplay with sexting, the sensual talk over the phone and pictures. There should be a build up to intimacy that occurs in the hours leading up to it. That sets the mood and when the physical part happens is just to seal the deal and to be taken to cloud 9.

7*Different time

As a working couple, it might not be easy to get it on any time you wish to but you can work around it. Try changing the time you are used to being intimate, if you are flexible with your work go back home and do your thing then get back to work. There’s just something about daytime that can be especially delicious please try it! You’ll thank me. If you are just used to it late after all the work & chores try doing it the first thing in the morning before all the stress of the day. Anything that will change the usual.

8*Engage one another

You both love exercising? Do it together or find something new to do together. For men reading this, women get turned on if you just rock up and help with a household chore. Share a joke, bring in the sense of humor, who said sex is serious? Cuddle, dance together and massage each other. Did you know that you don’t have to be a professional masseuse to own a small bottle of massage oil?

If you love your partner and are committed to each other you can rekindle your passion.



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