How To Grow Your Business, If your goal is to wake up every morning to continue building greatness out of that business, here are some few tips on how to get better end results. If you are an over passionate person, that can come across as a disadvantage if it’s not controlled. That passion can cloud your judgment and overshadow your mission. Tone down the enthusiasm and recap on how to stay focused. Working at it, patience, good plan, the right attitude, energy, and tenacity pays.


1. Marketing and Continuous Research
Awareness and consistency are the best tools. Do not be obsolete; keep on looking for ways to improve. Industries grow every day and technology brings, even more, changes so we continuously need to adapt to new things. Develop a solid marketing plan and use your resources effectively and appropriately. Do not cut the budget for good marketing or make a mistake of neglecting it as it is the crucial part of ensuring the success of the beautiful thing you build. Invest in good marketing strategy to make certain that existing clients stay interested in your business and attracting new ones. This is very important because the hunger for new clients might just put you at a risk of losing the trust build with the old ones. Strike a balance because your business needs them both for its growth.

2. Respect your business
Respect cannot be demanded or cannot be just given rather command it by your business ethics. But how does one give respect to business? Simply respect your clients bearing in mind they are what makes your business because without them you have no one to provide your services to and employees deserve your respect as well, they are part of the team that will contribute to your success. Any decent human being will pay back their respect and even more. Understand the value of time, honor your deadlines and deliver on promises you make to your customers. Starting a business is not for fun but a way of making a success out of you, generating good income, building a legacy for your family and job creation for many individuals out there. Giving it the respect it deserves ensures a million chances of all that. To give it the respect it deserves you also need to be disciplined, determined and dedicated.

3. Be a good listener
Listening is a very good skill. Listen to the clients, what they need and what they are not pleased about. It is through employees that you get to know more about what clients needs are. They will probably deal more with them than you as the employer on a regular basis. Do not be a dictator but listen to understand and deliver what is really needed. Listening thoroughly from all sides will allow you to learn and broaden your mindset. Listening easily allows you to understand how people think and to see things in a way others see them, giving you an advantage to do better than their thinking. Attend to each client according to their preferred way of doing business and this skill will help you do that. Each one has a different idea of doing things. This is merely paying attention to detail so listen to understand in order to gain wisdom.

4. Support your employees
Be direct and interested in their growth as it will impact positively in the business. Let them be involved and empower them by giving them challenges so you can later trust them to make sound business decisions. If they feel appreciated and valued then they will be on the same mission as you. Same mission simply means same vision that will ultimately bring growth and certainly more money. Allowing them to learn brings about good strong teamwork and best results. If the business makes more money then employees can be well paid, happy well-paid employees can only generate more wealth for the employer. Trust that is built between the two will later be beneficial to you the employer as you can easily go on that holiday knowing your business is left in the best hands. Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people- Steve Jobs

5. Decision making
Have a mind to make good business decisions. As a business owner, you have the final say in all business dealings that need to be seen through. Decisions will have to be strategic, not emotional or personal but strictly to the advantage of the bigger vision. I mention emotions because as a businesswoman you may be easily be accused or even allow yourself to be controlled by those emotional roller coasters. You may forever need to be proving yourself and the only way best is to stand unshaken and make decisions that will later show outstanding results. As woman who is in the male-dominated industry, I know the taste of how people in general but especially men will automatically see you as incompetent and the only thing to prove them wrong is to deliver those great results. Bust the myth about women in business; do not allow emotion to take over in the face of a challenge. A good business decision is the one that completely benefit the business not personal interest so be sure to make sound business decisions throughout.

6. Never show doubt
A leader needs to inspire confidence. Challenges may be very intimidating but no need show that element of doubt. Employees need to trust you and investors and customers will want to associate with a confident person for them to keep bringing business. Get used to a “no” as you will come across a lot of them. Do not take the “no” as a setback or failure but as an opportunity to improve and come up with greater things. Do not allow it to grow that element of doubt in you. What may come as your best idea may not necessarily impress your client or may not be what a certain client need but can work for the next one. A “no” will build a stronger and more realistic character out of you but constant success without hiccups will only expose you to one side of things, denying you a chance to learn and know how to deal with rejection or that small doubt you might have in you. Push your boundaries en route to boosting your confidence.

7. Innovate and Evaluate
Be bold, decisive and execute. You can’t achieve greatness by playing it safe. It is of utmost importance to innovate in order to stay relevant. Create enticing great offers. While trying out the new ventures you should expect a lot of discomfort but be equally prepared. Change is inevitable and can be a scary thought for most but when people adapt and realize how productive it is, it then becomes easier and their fear disappears. People are always fearful of the unknown and they will settle once they realize the bigger picture. Evaluate those innovations by observing if they are good for business and excite clients. It does not take a genius to know that any change that will make clientele unhappy will not generate business. It matters not how much you believe in your new ideas never force them onto your clients if they don’t seem too excited as you are, rather allow them to be on a trial basis and deliver the most outstanding outcome that will definitely make them just as excited as you are if not more.

There are certain things that a business needs for it to stay relevant and keep on being a success. Other fundamentals are a must while individuals can add their own personal touch on how to run things. We all have principles that we live by that differ from one person to the next. That personal touch can do wonders in dealing with your different clients and delivering accordingly, meaning build relationships. As a new business owner, this may sound daunting but the route to a successful business is a process of pushing boundaries, working hard, putting in hours, willingness and it’s never easy, spontaneous or fun. Find a way to combat stress so as to achieve clarity of mind. Measure your success and keep on asking yourself if you are effectively executing your strategy and maintaining your development. Focus on the end results by putting all the effort on the matters on hand to successfully get there.


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