One wise man once said luck is an opportunity presenting itself to the prepared. If given a chance to do something take advantage of the situation and find an opportunity within it and go for it. What does an opportunity look like to you? How do you think it can present itself? It can come dressed in a blue collar while you look for a white collar or it can come from a dungeon while you search for it in fancy places only.


1. Know what you want

Before anything you need to know what you want so you can take advantage of the opportunity presented to you.There is a lot to consider and to do on your side, you can’t just want anything (nomayini).

2. Start and never stop researching

Never underestimate the value of research, it will allows you to learn more and give you a better understanding of where you are heading. Knowledge is power but only when you take advantage of what you know and utilize it. Put more effort into it.

3. Look/search for opportunity

Knowing what you want alone is not enough. Firstly you have to know so you can secondly go looking for it for you to find it. Opportunity only present itself to those who are looking. If you are not looking for something, anything can be right in your face without you realizing it. Even when it knocks on your door you will never answer to what you don’t recognize. What is it that you are looking for? What kind of opportunity are you gunning for?

4. Network

No room to be shy, by networking you get to meet new people. When you meet new people you expand your chances of making contacts with people who might present the opportunity that you searching for. Go out and present yourself to others because you might need what they have. That can either be the knowledge they can provide, any kind of tools/support you seek or even direct you to the next relevant kind of place or person you need.

5. Remain curious

Curiosity means you want to know more, see more, do more and explore more than you already have. The more you want to get involved the more you can take advantage of situations to have the greater chances of coming across opportunities. “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back”.

6. Don’t be content

A content individual has no desire to shift from that state even when their goals are at times not yet reached. A place of contentment will make you feel that you have arrived, it has no extra room to go further and all doors remain shut. Kick those doors open should you feel you have reached this place but your initial dreams have not seen the light of day or your goals are not yet met. Do not allow this feeling make you think it is the greatest feeling you can ever feel. It’s a beautiful space to be in but a danger to what you can still achieve.


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