Not all women have a crazy high sex drive, while sex is not the only important thing in a relationship it plays a very big role. There are times when we’re not interested in anything sexual and that’s completely normal but the problem lies when you want/wish to be active & the drive is almost dead. Try the following natural ways before you opt for Viagra

1 Exercise/avoid stress
Exercising more will benefit you in more ways by working your mind, body, and libido. It also helps to reduce stress and /or anxiety which can be a major issue to your libido. Being active will help with blood flow and release your mind on working overtime on your worries. Studies have shown that exercise increases sexual response, which may be because it allows more blood to pump to your nether regions.

2 Get rest
exercise doesn’t mean getting tired and not resting enough. Having sex is an exercise on its own that needs the energy to start with so get enough sleep to be well rested. If your body is too tired, sex will be the very last thing in mind.

3 More sex
the less a woman is having sex, the less she really wants it. And if she already doesn’t have a high sex drive, to begin with, this can really affect her more. Having more sex will give your libido a boost, ever noticed the more you eat something the more you’ll crave it? Try to ignore your libido and have sex anyway and you will notice how you will suddenly notice the change.

4 Masturbate
it is said that masturbating helps in exploring and understanding your body better, it means being highly aware of your body. Chances are when you explore and understand what makes you tick you will have a need to explore & enjoy it with your partner. It will work same as having more sex because the more you get fired up the more you want it.

5 Eat aphrodisiacs
there are foods and drinks that will either stimulate your mind to you get you in the mood or they can also stimulate your actual body parts. This is a win-win solution, you fill your stomach with meals while these foods will get you feeling horny in no time. Examples of foods you should indulge in are honey, mangoes, kiwis, bananas, avocados, figs, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, watermelon, celery, oatmeal, broccoli, blackberries, sesame seeds, almonds, chocolate, oysters, and steak.

6 Drink red wine
moderately drink a glass of red wine, do not drink too much. At least a maximum of 2 glasses if 1 is not enough to get you in the mood otherwise you will just want to go to bed just to sleep.

7 Meditation/yoga
Lowered stress and increased relaxation may also be mechanisms contributing to the boost. Yoga will help you to relax, de-stress and clear your mind. A clear mind will easily allow you to have some sexy thoughts, in particular, and yoga can enhance desire in women. Do it regularly.

8 Talk about sex
you need not be in the mood to talk about it but doing so will stimulate your brain. Keep sex in the forefront of your mind to stimulate the hormones. Start sexting him, do it in the day when either of you is at work to get the mood for later in the day.

9 Read about it
are you shy to talk? Maybe talking is not your cup of tea or his or maybe it is a little difficult for you to do. We are all wired differently so reading about it will help your brain to be in gear and your body ready for action. It may boost your thoughts and thinking about sexual ideas has been found to enhance testosterone in women.

10 Resolve relationship conflicts
constant unresolved issues may lead to lack of desire, lucky are those who can have their so-called make-up sex. In general women are emotional beings and if there is too much conflict then the desire dies.

11 Be in love with your body
when men want to have sex they normally don’t care how you look like. They chose you to be their partner in the first place so it means they fell in love with who you are. This kind of thinking kills the drive so remember to boost your confidence by reminding yourself that he only cares about getting good sex at that moment. You have nothing to worry about, ignore what you believe are your physical flaws and get in the mood and think about the pleasures & the end result. If you feel sexy your libido will feel sexy too.

12 Learn to control your mind
women distract themselves all the time, worrying about kids or any other household issues will kill the desire. It is time for pleasure and to unwind and you have the whole day to worry about all life shit, you deserve it.  Allow yourself to be lost in the moment and you will learn that as a woman you are much more likely to reach orgasm when you are completely in the moment.

13 Wear sexy lingerie
wearing sexy nice lingerie might give you the boost you need by making you feel appealing. Wearing clothing that catches your partner’s eyes will make him want you, acknowledging that you are wanted will make you feel sexier while stimulating your brain to get your mojo back.

You are not alone most couples go through this period once a while and it is completely normal. Don’t let it stay dead or refuse to be average and let it skyrocket. Try these and see what works, you might have a great experience of your life.



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